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Pattern and Syllabus

Scheme of the Preliminary Examination:
The Preliminary Examination will consist of only one paper, viz., a paper on “General Studies”. The paper will be of an objective type consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions. The paper will carry 200 marks and will be of 2½ hours duration. The standard of the paper will be of the level of knowledge as expected of a graduate of any faculty of a recognized University. The paper will include questions covering the following fields of knowledge:
(i) English Composition : 25 Marks
(ii) General Science : 25 Marks
(iii) Current events of National & International Importance : 25 Marks
(iv) History of India : 25 Marks
(v) Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal : 25 Marks
(vi) Indian Polity and Economy: 25 Marks
(vii) Indian National Movement: 25 Marks
(viii) General Mental Ability: 25 Marks
Questions on English Composition will cover Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Vocabulary test, Phrasal Verbs, the same words bearing more than one meaning, use of appropriate and qualifying words etc. Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of science, including matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline. In History, emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic and political aspects. Questions on the Geography of India will relate to Physical, Social and Economic Geography of the country, including the main features of Indian Agricultural and Natural Resources with special reference to West Bengal. Questions of Indian Polity and Economy will test the knowledge of the country’s Political System, Panchayatee Raj, Community Development and Planning in India, Questions on the Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the Nineteenth Century Resurgence, Growth of Nationalism and Attainment of Independence. General Mental Ability will relate to Logical perception, understanding and natural conclusion. The Preliminary Examination is meant to serve as a Screening Test only for the purpose of selection of candidates for the Main Examination. The marks obtained in this examination by the candidates will not be considered for final selection. Only those candidates who will be declared qualified at the Preliminary Examination in a year will be eligible for admission to the W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc.(Main) Examination of that year.

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Scheme of the Main Examination:
The Main Examination will consist of five Compulsory papers and two optional subjects (one optional subject for candidates applying only for group C and / or D) to be chosen by the candidates from the list of optional subjects given below. If a candidate offers two optional subjects and intends to compete for only Group – ‘C’ and/or ‘D’. There will be two papers on each optional subject. Every paper –Compulsory or optional – will carry 100 marks and will be of 3 hours’ duration.
Compulsory Papers:

Paper I
Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali Essay, Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from English into Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali (Marks
Paper II/
English Essay, Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from Bengali/Hindi/ Urdu/Nepali into English (Marks 40+20+20+0).
Paper III
General Knowledge and Current Affairs (Excluding questions on the Constitution of India and the Five-year Plans (Marks 50+50).
Paper IV
The Constitution of India and the Five-year Plans (Marks 50+50).
Paper V
Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning (Marks 50+50).

List of optionalSubjects:
Subject Code
Persian 07
Comparative Literature10
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science12
Civil Engineering16
Commerce and Accountancy17
Electrical Engineering20
Geography 21
Mechanical Engineering27
Medical Science28
Political Science32

Restriction on choice of Optional Subjects:
Candidates will be allowed to offer optional subjects mentioned below in the followingrestricted manner.
i) Bengali/Hindi/Sanskrit/English/Pali/Arabic/Persian/French/Urdu/Comparative Literature (candidates will have the option to choose if they so intend, only one of those subjects as an optional paper).
ii) Commerce and Accountancy or Management
iii) Sociology or Political Science or Anthropology
iv) Mathematics or Statistics
v) Agriculture or Botany
vi) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science or Medical Science or Physiology or Zoology
vii) Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science
viii) Geography or Geology
ix) Philosophy or Psychology
The standard of Arithmetic part of Compulsory Paper – V :
Arithmetic & Test of Reasoning will be similar to that of the Compulsory Mathematics paper at the Madhyamik Examination of the Board of Secondary Education, West Bengal. Test of Reasoning will cover Analytical Reasoning – Data Sufficiency; Logical Reasoning – (1) Logical Deduction, (2) Forcefulness of the Arguments, (3) Implication of sentences, (4) Inferring from
diagrams; Series – (1) Letter series, (2) Number series; Inferring from Data; analogy tests; Symbol Interpretation; Mathematical puzzles; Odd man out; Perception test; Non-verbal reasoning; Selecting the correct sequence. The standard of other compulsory papers will be of the level of learning expected of a graduate of any faculty of a recognized University. The standard of the examination in optional subjects will be approximately that of an Honours Degree Examination as prescribed by the recognized Indian Universities except Law, Medical Science and Engineering subjects. For Law, Medical Science and Engineering subjects those specified for the LLB course theoretical papers for MBBS and BE or equivalent courses respectively of recognized Indian University / Institution.
Answers in all the paper – Compulsory and Optional – except the language papers may be written either in English or in Bengali (unless otherwise directed in these rules or in the question papers). Answers in the following compulsory and optional papers may also be written in Nepali :
Compulsory : (1) General Knowledge & Current Affairs. (2) The Constitution of India & the Five-Year Plans.
Optional : (1) Political Science (2) Botany
Note : Candidates should write their answers to all the questions in only one and the same language in any particular paper.
Candidates may use the Devanagari or Bengali Script in the answer papers on Sanskrit; the Devanagari Script in the answer papers on Hindi or Nepali;and the Bengali, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Scripts respectively in the answer papers on Bengali, Arabic, Persian & Urdu.
A summary of the group-wise papers in the Main Examination : Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ Services & Posts : All 5 compulsory papers and two optional subjects of two papers each.
Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ Services & Posts : All 5 compulsory papers and one optional subject of two papers. In case of a candidate competing for Group ‘A’ and / or ‘B’ along with Group ‘C’ and / or ‘D’ and offering two optional subjects the particular optional subject in which higher marks have been secured will be taken into account in calculating his / her aggregate in Group ‘C’ and / or ‘D’.
Personality Test : A number of candidates selected in order of merit on the results of the Main Examination (Written) for all the services and posts included in Groups A. B, C and D will have to appear for the Personality Test. Each candidate will be asked questions on matters of general interest. The object of the test will be to assess the candidate’s personal qualities, e.g., alertness of mind, power of clear and logical exposition, intellectual and moral integrity, leadership and also the candidates’ range of interests.

Candidates for Group ‘B’ Service (West Bengal Police Service) will be specially tested at the interviews with regard to their suitability for the service.

Marks for the Personality Test
Group ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’200Marks
Group ‘D’100 Marks

Deduction of marks:
In all the answer papers under examination due credit will be given for proper economy of words combined withclarity, precision and effectiveness of expression and originality of approach.A deduction of 10% of full marks may be made from the total marks secured by a candidate in a particular paper if he / she discloses his / her identityby writing his / her name, roll number or by putting and identifying marks inside the answer script of that paper.
Discretion of the Commission :
The Commission has discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the papers / subjects and in theaggregate. If a candidate fails to secure qualifying marks in any paper / subject, the marks in that paper / subject will not be considered in calculating his / her aggregate.

Subjects and Marks: Main Examination and Personality Test
Compulsory PapersA BCD
1Bengali / Hindi / Urdu / Nepali Essay, Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from English into Bengali / Hindi / Urdu / Nepali100100100100
2English Essay, Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from Bengali / Hindi / Urdu /Nepali into English100100100100
3General Knowledge and Current Affairs 100100100100
4The Constitution of India and the Five-year-Plans100100100100
5Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning100100100100
6Optional Subjects: 400400200200
7Personality Test: 200200200100
TOTAL 11001100 900800

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can a candidate appear for the exam in consecutive years?

suraj said...

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g .chatpy said...

YES. A candidate can appear in wbcs as many times he/she can, provided the age is within 32(for general) . But in IAS a candidate can appear only thrice within the defined age.

Kamalesh said...

really your work helped us very much for securing our future opportunities.

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Antara said...

I am a law graduate.I am poor in maths.can I give wbcs?


now i am final year student of BCA.am i eligeble for wbcs 2012 but my college is not aproved by AICTE?send the ans in my email shaikh.shamim3@gmail.com


preliminary exam will written as bengali or english.send the ans my email shaikh.shamim3@gmail.com

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well done sir..can you say any one where from i can download previous years question??

sandeepde25101990 said...

after completing b.tech can i be sitted for this WBCS exam?? if so then what will be good my subject combination ???

Anonymous said...

can anyone give me some information about the detailed syllabus prescribed for candidates planning to take ENGLISH LITERATURE as an optional paper?...the details provided in the official website is sketchy...

Anonymous said...

i have completed b.sc(IT) from NIIT. am i eligible for wbcs?

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I am electronics engineer.am i eligible for wbcs?

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Can you provide me the link of Zoology 10 years question of WBCS main Examination

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i m a stdnt of electrical eng if u say how i'll prepare myself.

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hi,i am waheeda.i have completed my graduation in chemistry hons.wat should i take as optional subjects.which sub will be more scoring.i have a keen intrest in chemistry.plz suggest me as soon as possible.so that i can submit d form.

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Hii, anyone suggest me, I am completing 12th from WBCHSE and graduation completing from IGNOU, can I elligible for this exams.

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My name is Rajesh,my height is 5 feet 4 inches,am i eligible for wbcs b group exam?please tell me and my email address is "rajeshindiazone@gmail.com"

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what could be the cutoff in wbcs prelims 2012?

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for a btech qualifying student what would b a good combination of subjects.Plz inform

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to become a I.S. officer what r the criteria??
and which group is for I.S. officer??

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bunty....great dreams with red & blue light siren

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i have completed m.sc. in biotechnology. shall i attain wbcs exam.?
thanking you.

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hi... i am civil engeneer may i able to to do this exam??if ans is yes so how can i prepare myself??plz ans me in my email address anusri.sona@rediffmail.com

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hi i am a electrical engineer...... how can i prepare myself for this exam?????????? answer me in my email id samarghya@gmail.com

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Someone gave the contact number for psychology tution..I am finding the number switched off.Kindly if you pls reply in this forum your contact number sir..it will be very helpful

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The minimum height for WBCS group B candidate Is

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it's well described .thanks a lot.

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I have completed my msc in microbiology.can I attain wbcs exm. If yes which subject will be preferable as optional

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what is the word limit for the optional papers

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i am BCA(WBUT) pass..can i apply for wbcs?? please let me know..my id suka.sarkar@gmail.com
my site Infotilla

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i am bappa from malda.
i have completed m.a in history. shall i attain wbcs exam.?
thanking you.
my email address is bappa.saha96@gmail.com
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so plz help me

Sarnavo Kundu said...

there should public administration in optionals

Unknown said...

I, Md Sohail Akhter
would u like to suggest me main exame books like urdu, english,Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning,General Knowledge and Current Affairs & optional papers like history & urdu.
thaking u

MITHUN said...

the suggestions are really very fruitful I am suggesting some books on history in Bengali version.
Ancient India
1.prabhatangshu maity
2.sunil kumar chattopadhaya (Vol I&II)
3.Ranabir Chakraborty (Prachin Bharatar Arthonoytic etihasar Sandhana)
4.Romila Thapor (Indian history)
medievel india
1.Taslim chowdhury(only mughal)
2.Anirudha Roy(only sultan)
3. Satish chandra (Vol I&II)
1.Bipan Chandra & Others (Bharatar sadhinota sangram,1857-1950)
2.Sekhar Banerjee (Plassey to partition)
3.Prabhatangshu Maity
European History
1.prabhatangshu maity
2.David Tomson
3.Subhas ranjan chakraborty
4.Goutam chottopadhyay

Anonymous said...

can anyone please tell me what should be the subject combination for a graduate civil engg(for grade A n B ??)
if any1 can come up with the ans,i'll be very glad.. plz answer here or at richik.uit@gmail.com

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what's the code for computer science??

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I am a student of ENGLISH hONOURS. I want to get
the syllabus in detail of English.

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Tanmay Ghosh said...

it is hard but if possbile so very easy.so u try?

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can i take zoology with anthropology as optional subject in wbcs main?

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is physiology as optional subject a scoring one?

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plz keu wbcs er syllabus details ta amake mail karo..amar download hochhe na.....- tata1464@gmail.com e mail koro plzz keu..

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soiology bengali version suggested book........

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great effort by you to giving detailed information & syllabus about WBCS exam.

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outside residential of west bengal can give this(wbcs) exam ?

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well done..I'm ready.thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi..wanna nknw sumthing.. if i use whitner to correct my ans in omr sheet, is there a chance of cancellation of my ans sheet?

Pallab Bhaumik said...

what will be the cut off marks for this yr 2013? Expected??

Challenger said...

minimum 160

Anonymous said...

@ challenger......do not joke...it is a serious matter...cut of marks would be 125...eta earkey r jaiga noy....

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Prem Limbu said...

Though sociology and political science can't be taken as optional papers together, i have heard stories of some people taking this subjects together and passing wbcs exams. i've also witnessed that the officials do not reject forms for such reasons. So can we actually choose sociology and pol science as our main optional paper?

Anonymous said...

what is the cutof mark 125 or 160??????

Anonymous said...

Can i give wbcs exam without any science subject? Can i give the exam taking only with arts subject? Please sir reply

Anonymous said...

a student would be proved so successful candidate through various ways,as alertness of mind ,moral integrity,personality,intellectual and so on but very sorry to say that while he/she got it ,then he/she forgot almost. Our leader knew all these! They saw their tact ,while they are going to give a post(s) to a candidates . it is really ridiculous .

Anonymous said...

is bengali compulsory for wbcs?

Anonymous said...

readind writing speaking is necessary for wbcs

Anonymous said...

is it mandatory to pass all the papers of compulsory category????

RIYA said...

Iam very excited about wacs exam.kindly tell me how I shall be prepared.

Chanakya Barman said...

is history compulsory for wbcs?

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pls tell me the code of computer science

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pls send me the code of computer science at haimantighosh25@yahoo.in

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Me 2 was poor in maths.but mats is the easiest subject to cover and progres.can u confi4m me age limit of wbcs and miscellenous exams? My contact no is 8274808248

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Is there no public administration optional available for wbcs???? Can anyone please help me sort this doubt...

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why does change syllabus

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Please updated detailed syllabus for Computer Science and if some question are available

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is the syllabus of w.b.c.s totally change?if so plz tell me ...

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great work!!! truely useful

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Anonymous said...

okay.. so this time (2014) the mains will be MCQ based?

PARTHA DAS said...

What will be optional subject question type? MCQ type or conventional type?

PARTHA DAS said...

Out of six compulsory papers four papers i.e. (i) General Studies- I, (ii) General Studies- II, (iii) The Constitution of India and Indian Economy including role and functions of Reserve Bank of India and (iv) Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning will be of MCQ Type to be answered in OMR answer sheets. Remaining two compulsory papers i.e. Paper - I and Paper - II will be of conventional type written examination.

swapan kumar said...

what will be marks division of bengali compulsory paper

Shoaib Wasi said...

can any tell me where i get the 2009 exam paper for urdu student

Anonymous said...

i have just complete my graduation from c.u in geography hons. bt i get 48.5% marks,,, can i eligiable for the exam??? as i don't get 50% marks..

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nice post

Saikat Bhar said...

I went through the recent syllabus of the WBCS examination. I'm not clear about the matter that whether we need only to clear the cut-off marks of Paper I and Paper II in main examination or the marks of these paper will granted for the final evolution.

I'm confused about the above mentioned point. Please clear my doubt.

Anonymous said...

when will the examination be held in 2015 .How can we get the notice regarding the exam?

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